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Beyond the right and wrong, there lies a garden, I will meet you there, said Rumi. In the Garden, there lies an EnchantedRose among many Roses but this Rose ornaments for what was once neglected. As they walk past that Rose, it is brought to this place, as if it did not grow in the Garden of consciousness, the land of Eternals. The EnchantedRose speaks from the time of pre-enlightenment and post-pursuit. It is Enchanted they see but with chocolate in its spell that has brought Eternals to this garden of understanding beyond their rights and wrongs.

A rose is a rose and was always a rose. It’s sensitive to how emotions and energies are exchanged around it. The exchange of ego saddens the Rose while understanding strengthens it. Mortals have their way of renewing the Rose, that is the story the EnchantedRose tells the Eternals from the land of mortals. The Rose was given to a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, for him to wander very far over land and seas, giving the beauty bear the enchanted Rose. Make thee another self for love of me, that beauty still may live in thine or thee, said mortals Shakespear n Cole and the story of the beauty and the beast. 

For the beauty is the Goddess bearing the Rose of gentle love that repair is its chief desire. The Goddess wishes to grace the Rose to be the eye of the Garden of love. An agent of condition-free longing. Art is what she wishes it to be for whose mastery is desire. The beast enchanted to stay in the land of mortals should he not pass the realm of desire for it is the gateway to enlighten. For this the beast finds the realm of desire to have honor in its petal, wisdom on a petal, surrender on another, pathway on a petal, wonder on the other, nothingness on the last petal for when it falls. 

The Rose comes from the land of mortals where the petal falls and blights the preferred way of fading over blasts. For if this Rose is not renewed in every conversation, interaction, it dies naturally or through unease in its beholder. In the gardens beyond the right and wrong, no Rose is withered, blighted for in every look they renew, rejuvenate with every sound, and exchange with every moment. 

Eternals see how the ego-free conscious of their ways have brought them here to the eternal land and with that, they renew the Rose and chant.